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We aim to provide you with a quality service from the moment you call our clinic and speak to our representatives, through to consultation with one of our surgeons and finally to treatment. Your experience with The Endometriosis Clinic is important to us and we work hard to make it as pain-free and as pleasant as possible at all points.


We frequently have patients from abroad, including the middle and far east, Canada, USA, Africa and Scandinavia. Consultations can be arranged via the internet or telephone in the first instance if this is more convenient.


We know how stressful a diagnosis of endometriosis can be so we work to understand your needs, because no two patients are alike. We take your symptoms seriously and explain how they relate to endometriosis.

Your surgeon will discuss the benefits, risks and treatment and will also cover:

  • Details about your pain and whether it is due to endometriosis.
  • Develop with you a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.
  • Discuss your treatment and how it relates to your wish for pregnancy.
  • Base the discussion on proven methods of treatment.


A referral letter from your GP is helpful, particularly if you are insured as many insurance companies will require a referral letter in order to cover your treatment. If you are at all uncertain, please call the The Endometriosis Clinic secretary on +44 (0) 79324 14342 who will be able to answer any of your queries. It is also useful if you bring as much information as you can regarding your previous treatments, for example, any previous surgical and pathology reports from laparoscopies.

A first consulatation lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. You will be asked extensively about your symptoms and history. Treatment options will be discussed and you will be able to discuss any questions you may have.

If you have significant bowel or bladder symptoms you may also see Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Simon Radley or Consultant Urologist, Alan Doherty. If required, they will perform surgery alongside your Gynaecologist.

Many patients attending the clinic do not have healthcare insurance. However, if you do have healthcare insurance, please bring details of your insurance cover to your first consultation.
If you do require surgery the cost of this surgery depends on the type and extent of your condition. The cost will be discussed with you before scheduling your pre-op appointment and again on the day of your consultation.
Surgery for treatment or further investigation can usually be arranged within two weeks of the consultation.

The Endometriosis Clinic operates from the following hospitals: the BMI Priory Hospital Birmingham; the BMI Hospital Edgbaston and the Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull. You will be seen at the hospital most convenient for you.

For an appointment, please call + 44 (0)7932 414342. or email us at


We take pride in our work and patient satisfaction is very important to us. We are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to gift us with feedback and words of thanks and appreciation.

This section is updated regularly.

"After being seen under the NHS at my local hospital since I was 13 and having 4 laparocsopies where nothing had been found I decided to go to my GP and ask for a referral to a specialist... this is when I got referred to Mr Mann.. and what a wonderful surgeon he is.

During my first appointment i was so nervous after being fobbed off and not believed for many years of my life...within a few minutes I felt at ease.. Mr Mann was fabulous.

I had a laparoscopy and Endometriosis was confirmed..which was such a relief to be finally diagnosed and believed.

I have since had a healthy baby boy and none of this would have been possible without Mr Mann."

Natalie Still


"Thank you for being so wonderfully supportive and for helping me through the conditions that needed treatment. An extra special thanks to you and your wonderful team for saving my life during this procedure, you are my superhero!"

Jan. 2018

"Thank you so much, I am absolutely ecstatic with the results, very happy. Thank you ever so much, God bless."

Jan. 2018

"It is almost 12 weeks since my surgery, I wanted to let you know how amazing I feel! I don't actually remember the last time I felt so good in myself, how good it is to be able to get through the day with no pain at all!"

Dec. 2017

"Thank you so much for your life changing surgery and advice. We are over the moon that we are now expecting a baby, as we never thought it would be possible after many years of no success. We cannot thank you enough, please keep doing the amazing work, you are making a huge difference."

Dec. 2017

"Thank you very much for caring when I felt others had let me down. I really appreciate the wonderful job you did in surgery and taking the time to see me afterwards. I would highly recommend you to others.

Oct. 2017

"My problems started with a bladder infection and subsequent inflammation. The symptoms were so painful and constant that I could hardly do anything.

I suffered years of pain and discomfort. I was depressed and in pain constantly. Mr Mann went through everything with me from the very beginning and explained the distinct problems relating to my bladder, womb, and other inflamed areas. We agreed that he would remove the endo by excision (keyhole surgery).

I was seen as quickly as possible. I had stage 4 endo which was removed and my bladder problems were sorted out. If it wasn't for the surgery, I would not be pain free from my bladder condition and endo now. I lead a normal life again."

E. A. (aged 31)


"I suffered with endometriosis for two years. Mr Mann made me realise that I was not on my own with this debilitating disease and after having operated on me, I have now become a lot better and would recommend him to any endometriosis sufferer."

J. R. K.


"I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was about 23 years old and had many years of moderate discomfort in my pelvis working up to excruciating pain at the time of my period and the days following. This soon became every other day and I really was struggling to carry on with a normal life. I couldn't believe I was in so much pain and I spent many a morning curled up in a ball on the floor in agony.

I was eventually referred to Mr Mann, who used keyhole surgery.

I had a laparoscopy and then a further operation to remove the endometriosis deposits. I came off the drugs I had been on about six months later and my periods returned and were far better, it was amazing. My whole pelvic area felt a lot less sore and I had very few episodes of agonising pain.

A year on and the pain in my rectum and pelvis was back and I began to feel really rotten again, so I returned for another operation in November last year where a large deposit was removed.

I am now a year on and I feel absolutely fabulous, I am so fit and healthy I can hardly believe my luck! I have no pain at all, I can honestly say it is amazing. Simple things like sitting down too heavily was painful for me, now I just have no discomfort at all."

S. R. (aged 34)

Banbury, Oxfordshire

"I just wanted to say the biggest thank you. After 6 months of absolute hell this year, I am so grateful for how much better I now feel. No pain and no fatigue. I've got my life back now. I’ve been able to go back to work, look after my little boy and just live a normal life again."

Aug. 2017

"I cannot thank you enough, you have well and truly saved my life. Endometriosis may not kill you, but it certainly feels like a life sentence."

June 2017

"Thank you so much for making the impossible possible. I am forever grateful for not just making me healthy, but also giving me the chance to maybe have children one day. I’m extremely lucky to have been in the care of the best gynaecologist in the UK."

Apr. 2017

"I have been under Mr Mann’s care now for around 11 years and I wanted to let him know that I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins! We are over the moon!"

Feb. 2017

"I was diagnosed with endo in 2002 by my local gynaecologist. I was in severe pain as well as being extremely tired. The tiredness was so bad that at one point I was diagnosed with ME. I worked part time as I was too unwell to work full time. Then I was referred to Mr Mann who did a laparascopy and found stage 4 endo. I had surgery to remove the endo but within four months it had come back. Over the next two years I had surgery to remove endo many times but each time it came back.

Two years ago, after a lot of thought and discussion with my partner and also Mr Mann, I decided to have a hysterectomy. It turns out I also had endo in my bladder and my bowel and, in May this year, I had to have part of my bowel removed.

Since my hysterectomy, the pain is better, but because of the endo in my bladder and bowel, the tiredness is starting to come back. I know my case is complicated but through all of it, Chris Mann has been fantastic. He is so approachable and down to earth. He explains everything really well and I know he is doing everything anyone possibly could."

D. J. (aged 39)


"I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo five years ago. I took lots of painkillers to cope with the pain but the anti-inflammatories started giving me stomach problems so I had to come off them and take Zoladex. Unfortunately I developed an immune problem and started getting allergic reactions to the medication I was on.

Meanwhile, my weight plummeted and I had to give up work. I needed help around the house. The pain used to be so bad that I couldn't do anything. For a year, I could hardly even sit down. It was a nightmare, I had no life and I didn't know where to turn.

It was then that I was referred to Mr Mann. The results of the surgery in 2004 were amazing. I had immediate relief and I've been virtually pain free for three years. I'm working again and I'm recovering from my immune problem. I haven't got words to say how much it has helped me. It's given me back my life."

J. A. (aged 44)

Aldridge, West Midlands

"After suffering from endometriosis for most of my adult life, my condition progressively got worse after the birth of my first child in 2004. Investigations diagnosed that my condition had progressed to stage 4.

It was then that I was referred to Mr Mann. I had surgery for the excision of my endometriosis, both to alleviate the symptoms and help improve our chances of having a much longed for second child. Remarkably, within two months of having the surgery I found I was pregnant with my second child after three and a half years of trying - a miracle!"

S. K. (aged 33)



Endometriosis affects and estimated two million women in the UK and there are many support groups available. The following websites may be helpful.
This site is run by an endo sufferer who aims to bring together other sufferers to offer free support to them and their partners.
This is a UK charity supporting wome living with endometriosis. It provides imformation and support, and works to increase understanding through campaigning and awareness.
The USA based Endometriosis Research Centre (ERC), was founded in 1997 to address the growing international need for research, education, awareness and patient support.
She Trust offers help, information and support to women with endometriosis to enable them to make informed choices about conventional, nutritional and complementary therapies available.
Birmingham based Clinic led by Mr Simon Radley and Dr Ian McCafferty who are involved in providing colorectal surgical and radiological input with Mr Mann's clinics.